About US

This site is owned and operated by the Sports Chaplains Network (SCN). Our Vision is to:

  • Develop a national network of Tag Heuer Carrera Replica Watches gospel-centered sports chaplains who are focused on developing disciples through relational ministry
  • Provide resources for Sports Chaplains around the world as they minister to their respective athletes and teams
  • Encourage community among Sports Chaplains by providing contact information on chaplains across a variety of professional and collegiate sports
  • Communicate stories of and related to sports chaplaincy around the world

Chaplain Insight

Here are some common struggles that Sports Chaplains face:

  • Was I chosen as a Sports Chaplain because I played the sport or because I am equipped to chaplain these athletes?
  • As Sports Chaplains we are pretty extroverted, and we often talk when we should listen.
  • Our calling can be confusing. Are we called to raise money or to minister? If we are not careful, we start looking at people as a financial resource streams rather than people!”
  • Maintaining a balance with ministry to players, coaches, family and my own spiritual development.
  • For NASCAR chaplains, travel and being away from family for 28+ weekends a year is very difficult. Having their wife going to church alone with the children is coupled with that.
  • Understanding where the athletes are and how to best minister to them.
  • How to “go deeper” with my athletes.
  • Raising financial support.
  • I have had very little training, mostly “on the job”, and I think I am missing significant opportunities.
  • I have little fellowship with other Sports Chaplains; it gets lonely.
  • For chaplains in the minor leagues, players are only there a little while.
  • I struggle finding the best way to disciple guys.
  • I tend to be disorganized.
  • Pride.
  • Spiritual warfare.
  • I struggle staying sensitive to the Lord.
  • I tend to become too comfortable in my ministry situation and losing my edge in evangelism.
  • Communicating to athletes that they can be a man or woman of God and still be a warrior and to convey to athletes that their Christianity can be lived out on the field.

Here are some things that seasoned Sports Chaplains wish they had known when they got started:

  • I wish I had been trained on how to deal with the media and famous personalities.
  • People cannot be fixed by me.
  • Ministry is a process that demands relationship and eager patience.
  • Being available is so important, do not get bored with your ministry of presence.
  • Spend more time in prayer, really, more!
  • “Be” before you try to “Do”.
  • Remember Grace and Truth, at the beginning I emphasized mostly truth.
  • Give them Jesus.
  • Learn how to say, “NO”, then ask God for wisdom on when to say it!
  • I had no idea how much time raising money to do ministry would take.
  • Don’t coach.
  • Don’t get in the way or be a distraction with the coaches are doing their thing!
  • Don’t be a fan, and never yell at a referee!
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