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Veteran recalls Korean War

Gordon Faust joined the Wisconsin Air National Guard at the urging of his uncle, who was a WWII veteran and the First Sergeant of the 176th Fighter Squadron at the Truax Field location. His uncle said to him, "As an American male you are going to have to go in the service," and advised Faust to therefore pick his branch and his job.

Just a 17 year old junior in high school, Faust took his uncle''s advice and joined the same branch in January 1950, working in the orderly room in the administration office, with his uncle being his boss.

A year later, on Feb. 1, 1951, his unit was activated and Faust was pulled out of Madison Central High School, and never graduated with his classmates. His unit was to be on active duty for 20 months, but about a year into it, Faust volunteered to go to Korea in place of his buddy, who was seeking a hardship discharge. Bill.

So Faust re enlisted into the Active Air Force Reserve, and left for Korea from Camp Stoneman, just outside of San Francisco in March 1952. It would take 15 days to first get to Japan, with Faust saying that although he was sick the first day, Trembolona O Masteron he quickly found his "sea legs" and was fine thereafter.

From there, he was sent to Korea where he first served with the 18th Fighter Bomber Wing, helping to maintain records of the communication equipment that went onto the aircraft.

A few months later, he volunteered to move to Taegu because more admin servicemen were needed in the Headquarters (HQ) 5th Air Force (Rear). There he worked as an NCO (non commissioned officer) transferring the incoming and outgoing classified materials throughout the Air Force in Korea and Japan. It was the summer of 1952 and although he was in a combat zone, it was a period of stalemate.

He would spend almost a year in Korea and once on a three day pass, Faust attempted to visit his step brother, who was a machine gunner serving with the 3rd Infantry Division. His unit was on the front lines, but during this particular "Anaboliset Aineet" visit, Faust believed his step brother to be at a rest camp.

However, after the second day into his journey, which had involved hitchhiking (something he shakes his head today about, considering it was impossible to tell who the enemy was) as well as staying overnight with fellow servicemen in a squad tent (where it was freezing and he had to keep the .45 pistol he had borrowed from supplies in his sleeping bag because he was afraid it might be stolen after listening to the stories of his comrades'' escapades) he found out that his step brother was back on the front lines.

This gave him pause as by now it was the second day in his three Gensci Jintropin day pass, and he not only would have had to hitchhike to his brother''s outfit when the train ran out, but he also would have found himself on the front lines. Considering that he was Air Force and not infantry, he ultimately decided to turn back. Patrick. He said he will never forget the day he arrived in San Francisco: March 5, 1953 the day that Joseph "Anabolika Definition" Stalin died.

He would finish out his last nine months of his service working in the Training Section of the Air Proving Ground Command at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. There, tests were conducted of the Air Force equipment and firepower Testosterone Cypionate Side Effects Ftm and in January 1954, Faust was discharged.

But he was not done with the service, as he joined the Air Force Reserve in late 1954, which would require monthly training and two weeks of active duty per year. And in fact, he would serve in one more conflict, Desert Storm in early 1991. By that point, he had become involved with contract/procurement rather than administration, and was assigned to the Electronic Security Command at Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, where he would spend approximately one month.

His service to his country lasted decades, and he quickly articulated with a smile, "I served 42 years, 10 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone months, 5 days but who''s counting?"

He left the Korean War as a staff sergeant, and by the time he retired entirely from military duty at the end of January 1992, he was a master sergeant. Bill, and graduated in 1958. He worked for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for 34 years and thereafter in a private engineering firm for several more.

Over the years, he has worked tirelessly on behalf of Korean War veterans. He is a member of the Korean War Veterans Association (KWVA), along with the VFW and American Legion, not to mention other professional organizations specific to the Air Force.

He has made it his mission to compile a comprehensive list with biographies and photographs for the approximately 800 plus Wisconsin Korean War casualties, as he said there is no single source for this accounting. It has taken him years to do this research, which included among many other things, sending out mass mailings in individual counties and posting notices in several newspapers in attempts to gather this information.

And he and his wife, Astrid, were instrumental in processing over 600 applications so that Korean Defense Service Medals could be dispersed on Veteran''s Day at the state capitol in the years 2001, 2002 and 2003.

He also helped distribute a book Winstrol 6 Week Transformation dedicated to Korean War veterans from the South Korean government and industries entitled, "Korea Reborn: A Grateful Nation Honors War Veterans for 60 Years of Growth," and he has compiled all kinds of educational materials about the Korean War.

He and another local veteran have gone to DeForest High School for presentations, and Faust hopes to continue to do so in other schools as well.

When Faust left Korea in 1953, he thought to himself "good riddance" as he never wanted Buy Viagra Berlin to see it again. However, in 2002, he and Astrid elected to take up an offer through the South Korean Veterans Association to visit. Faust explained that the tour costs as well as room and board are covered for veterans in the 21 countries who fought on its behalf, along with one immediate family member. Faust and his wife so enjoyed their time there. "I wouldn''t mind going back again," he said, adding he wold especially like to see more of the areas where he was located.

He and Astrid met as students at UW Stevens Point, and just celebrated 56 years of marriage. They have four children: Katherine, Jennifer, Brian and Karen, as well as six grandchildren.

His two older daughters accompanied him and another veteran from Waunakee on the Badger Honor Flight in May 2013, and he thoroughly enjoyed this moving experience.

Since returning from his visit to South Korea in 2002, he refers to the Korean War not as the "Forgotten War" but as the "Forgotten Victory," noting that had the Chinese not been stopped in Korea, Japan may have been next, and then who knows what would have happened.

He is proud of his service and looking back on his younger years he said, "The best thing that ever happened to me was when I got pulled out of high school," noting that he probably would not have gone on to college had that not happened.